You deserve the best. That's why at SCADADroid®, we engineer our products to handle the high demands of the automation industry. That's also why we offer 2 comprehensive models to fit your system needs. SCADADroid® Alarm Callout provides four levels of alarm escalation, while SCADADroid® VPN allows remote viewing and data collection. You never know when you'll need the security and peace-of-mind that only SCADADroid® provides.


You like things fast and economical. Avoid downtime and operation costs with SCADAroid's VPN connectivity. With our product, you can also stay connected with critical process conditions and operations in real time with alarms sent straight to phone, text or email. Designed with integrators, techs, and operators in mind, SCADADroid® aims to provide the most advanced features in the easiest-to-install and configure package.


You don't want to be frustrated. We believe that automation equipment does not have to be difficult to use, and thanks to SCADADroid®, it isn’t. Save valuable time with the simple configuration and direct technical support with our programmers by phone or by email. A built-in web-interface also lets you program and manage your SCADADroid® from any device without the hassle of proprietary software or cabling. Save time and frustration by choosing SCADADroid®.