You deserve the best. That's why at SCADADroid®, we engineer our products to handle the strict demands of the automation industry. That's also why we offer 3 invaluable features to fit your system needs. SCADADroid® Alarm-Dialer Callout routes four levels of alarm escalation to select personnel, while SCADADroid® VPN allows remote access, all while a sophisticated Reporting Function capable of leveraging efficient protocols, pushes select data to the right clients, in a chosen format. Safe, reliable, and accountable automation hinges on the kind of security and peace of mind that only SCADADroid® provides


Your time is valuable. Avoid system downtime and its associated costs with SCADADroid®'s VPN connectivity. Stay connected with critical process conditions and operations in real time. Alarms are sent straight to personnel through voice dial, text message, and email; while reports come to you in CSV, JSON, or PDF format. Act on these changes with confidence and ease, through secure VPN remote access to settings available via web browser configuration – a system requiring no software and compatible with most browsers. Designed with integrators, technicians, and operators in mind, SCADADroid® aims to provide the most advanced features in the easiest to install-and-configure package


You want solutions to run themselves. We believe that automation doesn’t have to be frustrating to implement and update, and thanks to SCADADroid®, it isn’t. Save valuable time customizing intuitive configuration fields with the help of supplementary videos, a detailed Setup Manual, and a comprehensive User Manual – all backed by direct technical email or phone support. Most configuration files upload by drag-and-drop on a standard web interface, which lets you log in to your SCADADroid® from any browser-capable computer – without the hassle of proprietary software. Save time and money, and enjoy peace of mind by choosing SCADADroid®