3 Ways to Setup Remote Connections to SCADADroid

There are 3 different options for accessing SCADADroid units and the network behind them (PLCs, RTUs etc.). Port forwarding, private VPN servers and a Reonix hosted VPN server. Below are step-by-step guides and instructional videos on how to implement these solutions.

1.    Port Forwarding

  • With your computer connected to the SCADADroid unit, open a web browser and type the IP address of your SCADADroid (default IP is
  • Enter your username and password
  • Under Cellular Settings copy the IP address and paste it into a new browser tab to test if you can connect to the unit from the internet, and then close that tab
  • Click Settings under System tab
    • Scroll to Internet Connection and for Preferred Connection select “Cell”
      • For “Use this device as a network gateway” select “Yes”
      • Click Save
    • Scroll to the Port Forwarding Table and click “Add Port”
      • Fill in the fields for the external port you wish to forward, “Target IP” will be the IP address of the SCADADroid unit
    • Click on the Overview tab
      • Click “Reconnect” Next to Data Status under “Cellular Settings”
      • Next to “Cellular Settings” title, “Default Internet Route” should appear

2.    Host Your Own VPN Server

  • Download SoftEther VPN Server software
    • Select Software: SoftEther VPN (Freeware)
    • Select Component: SoftEther VPN Server
    • Select Platform: Choose your operating system
    • Select CPU: Choose your computer’s CPU
    • A list of file installation will appear, choose SoftEther VPN Server and SoftEther VPN, most recent version
  • Install the file
    • When prompted to “Select Software components to install” choose “SoftEther VPN Server”
    • Choose “Launch SoftEther VPN Server”
  • Setting up SoftEther VPN Server
    • Enter a new username and password when prompted
    • When “SoftEther VPN Server/Bridge Easy Setup” window opens, click “Close”
    • When prompted “Do you want to setup the IPSec?”, select “Yes”
    • When “IPSec/L2TP/EtherIP/L2TPv3 Server Settings” window opens, click “Cancel”
    • “Manage VPN Server ‘localhost” window
      • Select “DEFAULT” under “Virtual Hub name” and click Delete
      • Click “Create Virtual Hub”
        • Enter Hub Name, Admin password and confirm password, Click OK
      • Select your new Virtual hub and click Manage Virtual Hub, then click Manage Users
        • Click Create New User, enter a username and password and click ok
        • Click Exit and Exit again
      • Click OpenVPN/MS-SSTP Setting
        • Click “Generate a Sample Configuration File for Open VPN Clients”
          • Save the File and Open it
          • Move the OVPN File with the extension “site_to_site” to Desktop
  • You will need to have a static IP or setup a DNS with your external IP (we use https://www.noip.com/)
  • You will need to add 4 port forwarding rules to either your internet router or SCADADroid that you are using as a router (see image below)
    • The target IP is the static IP of the server
  • Open OPVN file on desktop with Notepad
      • Find the section for “The destination hostname / IP address, and locate the destination hostname line (ex. “remote vpn938105771.v4.softether.net 1194”) and enter the DNS hostname you obtained in the previous step (ex. remote DNSHOST 1194”)
      • Find the line “auth-user-pass” and change to “auth-user-pass “etc/openvpn/auth”
          • Below this line include the following lines for bridge configuration:

up “/etc/openvpn/up.sh

down “/etc/openvpn/down.sh”

script-security 2


          • Save and close the file
  • Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your SCADADroid (default is
    • Under System > Settings tab, scroll to the VPN configuration file box and upload the OPVPN file from your desktop
      • Enter your username and password in the VPN configuration box and click Save
      • Click Enable next to VPN status and below the VPN configuration file box

3.    Reonix Hosted VPN Server

Reonix Automation offers hosted VPN services for a nominal monthly fee. For more information or a quote contact us.