Agricultural Applications


▪ 8 digital inputs to monitor conveyor belt run/fault status, heat sensors or other discrete variables

▪ 2 analog inputs to monitor moisture levels or other 4—20 mA inputs

▪ 1 second time accumulators on digital inputs allow for collecting conveyor runtime data

▪ Counters on digital inputs allow for collecting conveyor start data

▪ Use SCADADroid®’s powerful alarm dialer capability with optional voice and/or connect to a SCADA system as a Modbus TCP/IP device

Take Control

MQTT publisher function can alert users to process changes in moisture, heat, runtime, starts and more… right on your mobile device

MQTT subscribe function allows users to change values such as setpoints remotely

▪ SCADADroid®’s reporting function lets you receive data files by email of the previous day’s activity including conveyor runtimes, conveyor starts, moisture readings etc. Resolution for reporting is 1 minute intervals

▪ Use the optional Modbus to connect to motors, analyzers or other Modbus enabled devices

This application is just one possibility in balancing multiple inputs for more versatile remote monitoring, operation, and reporting.

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