SCADADroid ®  was built on the passion and experience of Reonix Automation. Through this expertise, we expanded to product manufacturing to meet the growing needs of the automation industry, utilizing tools such as alarm dialing, simple remote access, and intuitive user interfaces.

Lift Stations

Plant Operations

Distribution Systems

Water Towers

Grain Dryers

Fertilizer Production

Storage Safety

Soil Monitoring

Remote Well Sites

Refinery Operation


Compressor Stations

SCADADroid ® ’s sophisticated Alarm Callout functionality allows your team to coordinate appropriately based on the administrator’s callout order, callout grouping, and repeat method. With purchase of the cell modem option, voice-dial and SMS alarms send data on events to your phone and text message apps via GSM.

For even more control and data acquisition, purchase a Modbus licence so that your SCADADroid ®  can act as the Modbus Client in a SCADA application, through TPC/IP or RTU. MQTT can be leveraged to minimize data transmission between sites by cellular means, saving your team money on mobile communications expenses.