A pump station is best located near a water source and a storage tower is best located near residential developments. Sometimes there is a great distance between the two. By using a SCADADroid® at both the tower and the pump station the two can operate seamlessly by passing data through Reonix Automation’s Hosted VPN service. The SCADADroid® can have digital devices wired directly to it with no intermediate devices needed - simplifying installation and reducing hardware.


Reonix Automation installed an application using SCADADroid’s to control 4 remote well sites. A Micrologix 1400 was used as the central controller, and communicated with a SCADADroid® via Modbus. The SCADADroid® then communicated with SCADADroid’s installed at each remote well site, shutting down or starting the wells via relay switch, as instructed by the Micrologix 1400.


Reonix was approached by a customer who needed to remotely monitor their electrical power generation engines. The software ran on a computer which required the customer plug directly into the engine monitoring system.


Reonix Automation verified an application for the SCADADroid® as part of an Internet Protocol Camera system, based on testing performed by Reonix Automation. IP Camera system can be used for real-time surveillance of an area.


Good antenna installation is key to the best cell reception for the SCADADroid®. Antenna type, location, and height, as well as use of a booster and proximity to a cell tower, are all important factors when selecting and installing an antenna for your unit.


Reonix was approached by a customer who needed a callout system that could provide both an internet gateway and a VPN tunnel without having to pay for two phone contracts and multiple pieces of hardware. Reonix found a solution that met all of the customers criteria, further displaying the flexibility and capabilities of the SCADADroid® unit, and the numerous applications available to it.