Special Offer for Municipalities

Reonix Automation is offering special alarm dialer rental package pricing to Canadian municipalities. For U.S. municipalities, please contact us. This packages includes hardware and services to start receiving alarm notifications and remotely accessing your operations, straight from your smartphone, web browser or VPN. The perfect alarm dialer for lift stations, wastewater/potable plants, distribution systems and water towers.

Monthly Package Includes:

  • SCADADroid R2+ or R2A+ alarm dialer
  • 1.5GB data/month*
  • 50 SMS texts/month*
  • 50 minutes/month*
  • Remote access with secure network:
    • Connection to SCADA systems
    • Remote access to local network (ex. PLC, HMI, lift station networks)
    • Configuring SCADADroid (ex. changing contacts, alarms etc.)
    • Remote replication of HMI**
    • Dashboard access to view centralized data (coming Q3 2020)
    • SCADADroid smartphone app (iPhone or Android)
  • 5DBI 800-1900 MHz external antenna***
  • 1 hour per site of configuration support
  • Email notification if SCADADroid becomes disconnected for more than an hour


Remote Access, Alarm Dialer and Datalogger All-In-One

Remote Access for secure communication between your client device and a central SCADA system or remotely programmed equipment.

Notifications through SMS text, email or Voice alerts

VPN Capability is a standard security protocol on all units; third party or Reonix hosting is available.

MQTT Protocol makes client and server communication data-efficient, resulting in lower monthly bills

Reporting Function - ability to log data and create a report in CSV, PDF, or JSON format.

Web Browser Configuration - access configuration from anywhere with an Internet connection, no additional software needed

Extensive Resources - downloads, online manuals and a robust collection of step-by-step videos to help with setup

Dashboard - free access to online dashboard that provides centralized data (coming Q3 2020)

SCADADroid Dashboard

A web based portal service that the users can log into to view centralized data for all the users SCADADroid units.  SCADADroid rental users will be asked for feedback and can influence the design of the portal and the information that is presented.

Phase 1 will allow access to the MQTT data on the SCADADroid so that the users can view equipment status and alarms on their dashboard with a summary overview of all sites. This is expected to be rolled out in Q3 of 2020.

Phase 2  will allow configuration of the SCADADroids from the dashboard to the SCADADroids in the field.

*per site, overage charges may apply

**dependant on HMI installed, contact Reonix Automation to see if your HMI has the capability. Third party app charges may apply

***external antenna with surge suppressor for extra cost