Product Support Videos

Getting Started with SCADADroid®

  • How to configure your network to connect to SCADADroid®

Settings Internet Route in SCADADroid®

  • How to configure the default internet route
  • How to get data from the Cell modem
  • How to get data from LAN

Configuring email in SCADADroid®

  • How to set up email account
  • How to test email configuration

Add Works Shifts to SCADADroid®

  • How to add a new work shifts that match with your on-call or work schedule.

Adding Contacts to SCADADroid®

  • How to add a new contact
  • How to import contact from .csv file

Enable the Modbus option on SCADADroid®

  • How to install the Modbus certification files that enables Modbus functions

Firmware Update

  • How to update your SCADADroid® firmware

Set-up Input Alarms

  • How to set-up input alarms
  • How to import alarm from .csv file

Set-up Modbus Alarms

  • How to set-up Modbus alarms
  • How to import Modbus alarm from .csv

Output Relay - Set Control Source

  • How to control the SCADADroid Relay through Modbus TCP/IP devices.