SCADADroid® Smartphone App

Monitor your site, direct from your smartphone

With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), we have a higher expectation of what our devices can do for us. With the introduction of the SCADADroid R2+ range, Reonix has been able to implement highly reliable solution to meet our customers’ connected needs.

The SCADADroid® R2+ range of devices is able to communicate using an m2m messaging protocol called MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). Among other things, this enables a much more data & power efficient way of publishing variables to smart devices. Reonix Automation has developed standardized SCADADroid® iOS and Android apps which make the process of accessing your data on a smart device much easier to implement.

How SCADADroid R2+ performs this functionality

1. A sensor/device provides a value or status to the SCADADroid (either digital signal or a value through Modbus TCP/IP)

2. The SCADADroid receives the value/status and with some setup, converts it to a Tag (easily recognizable pinned information)

3. The Tag is then published to the Reonix MQTT Broker Service/Server (We outline in our guide the way to utilize a Reonix-provided MQTT Broker, but the information may still be relevant should you be using your own provider)

4. The SCADADroid App (for iOS or Android) then “subscribes” or retrieves these Tags from the Reonix MQTT Server to display the information on your smart device.

5. Depending on how a user sets up the communication on your SCADADroid R2+, you can set permissions to change Set Points through the SCADADroid® App, making remote control of sites possible.

With the SCADADroid® App, users can…

1. View your data. Whether flow rates, dosing values, or any number of variables being measured in your system, SCADADroid can push them to your phone. Each data variable can have customized units applied to it through the SCADADroid®’s configuration.

Android iOS App Monitoring Interface

2. Remotely look in to the current status of digital inputs. Allowing for a much better understanding of a site’s current situation. If an alarm is triggered, this provides a first overview of what sensors may be tripped or if your pumps are cycling on and off.

Android iOS App Remote Monitoring Solution

3. Review your SCADADroid®’s alarms. With app notifications enabled, it is possible to receive alerts in a way most of us have become accustomed to. The Alarms tab also showcases any currently active alarms as well as ones which are not active.

Android iOS App Remote Monitoring Solution

Need help with setting up your SCADADroid® Application? Visit our help page