SCADADroid® Lift Station Monitoring


The SCADADroid® R2+ opens the possibility for lift station monitoring & automatic callouts for wet wells.

As always, the 8 digital inputs can easily be used to monitor pump run/fault status, level switches, and other discrete variables. On two of these, one second time accumulators can log pump runtime data, and distribute reports to selected email recipients. Multiple High and Low levels might be routed to the inputs, for added reporting complexity

Digital flowmeters capable of sending discrete interval data to the digital inputs would then measure throughput, and flow rate. SCADADroid® reports on flow rate, as it logs changes in user defined setpoints or upon set timers. And, of course, the unit’s output can control pump operation.

Lift Station Monitoring and Cell Callout

SCADADroid®’s sophisticated Alarm Callout functionality allows your team to coordinate appropriately based on the administrator’s callout order, callout grouping, and repeat method. With purchase of the cell modem option, voice-dial and SMS alarms send data on events to your phone and text message apps via GSM

For even more control and data acquisition, purchase a Modbus licence so that your SCADADroid® can act as the Modbus Client in a SCADA application, through TPC/IP or RTU

With a complimentary Events Licence, you can systematize your wellsite’s I/O procedure

At additional cost, MQTT can be leveraged to minimize data transmission between sites by cellular means, saving your team money on mobile communications expenses

The more remote the wellsite, the better the use of VPN remote access to the SCADADroid® and connected Modbus or edge network devices

This application is just one possibility in balancing multiple inputs for more versatile remote monitoring, operation, and reporting.

Remote Lift Station, Pump Station

Circular or Rectangular Wet Well Monitoring:

  • Continuous Interval monitoring through an analog input
  • Discrete Interval monitoring available through digital inputs
  • Pump Runtime and Starts can be monitored by making time accumulators and counters two of the digital inputs
  • MQTT publish-subscribe reporting
  • Real values as opposed to percentages displayed upon publishing
  • Free Application Interface programs for data-efficient mobile SCADA

Download the SCADADroid® Lift Station Monitoring datasheet as a PDF