Internet-of-Things protocol can optimize cellular data transmission through MQTT’s publish-subscribe messaging system, transferring rationed data at critical times by way of a message broker

The two-way communication of MQTT enables the publisher to send data to the broker, which can then be pushed to the subscriber worry-free, rather than having the subscriber poll the publisher constantly. This protocol dramatically reduces data usage on a cell plan.  The client can subscribe to tagged values from multiple SCADADroid®s, as well as publish to the SCADADroid® with any adjusted setpoints

MQTT Telemetry

  • Broker service available for low monthly fees, or set up a third-party broker on the web browser configuration page
  • Choose your monitoring and report intervals; set up procedure for MQTT integration with Modbus and I/O Functions
  • Configuration of Events allows for use of MQTT protocol in server reporting, and client publishing
  • Last known values preservation guarantees the survival of critical data in the case of connection failure
  • Publishing to PDF, JSON, or CSV formats
  • App Interface programs for streamlined MQTT reporting
  • Real values instead of percentages displayed through Modbus-driver tag upgrades

Download the SCADADroid® MQTT datasheet as a PDF

High Resolution

Download the SCADADroid® MQTT datasheet as a PDF

Low Resolution