SCADADroid® and MQTT
MQTT is a publish-subscribe based protocol that works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. With MQTT, SCADADroid can send alarms, data values, and more to the client. 
The R2+ acts as the publisher, however it can also act as the subscriber. The client can send a message to the SCADADroid® to set new setpoints, or even turn a relay on or off. 

Benefits of MQTT

  • Significantly less data then with a Modbus polling device
  • retains the last value. This way if a connection is lost, or a new subscriber joins, the last value is resent
  • We also create in-house apps that make MQTT easy to use and customer friendly 

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Save valuable time with simple configuration

Unlimited phonebook (user) entries, groups, shifts, and Modbus connections
Easy to read LED indicators and removable terminal blocks allow for easy setup and fast installation
Event Logging records all activities.
Multiple Modbus TCP clients.
Notifications through text, email and voice with text-to-voice built in.
Easy Setup – User friendly web interface makes setup fast and efficient

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