VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a method of establishing a secure encrypted connection between devices on the internet.
SCADADroid® is a VPN client. This means that the SCADADroid® reaches out to the Server for connection on standard mobile data plans. The IP address of these plans are not public, meaning that outside the cellular network, they cannot be reached. The VPN client establishes a virtual data tunnel back to the VPN server. The SCADA system or other users, such as PLC programmers, thereby connect to the VPN server, grouping all connected devices on the same network

SCADADroid® is easily configured as a VPN client to allow simple yet secure remote access communications. Once connected, the SCADADroid® facilitates the viewing and collection of data remotely, as applicable to a SCADA system. Remote programming and troubleshooting of PLCs is also possible, potentially eliminating travel time for enhancements, diagnostics and correction of programming issues

Efficiently configure a mobile client to put the SCADADroid® and its plant setup at your disposal. Your remote access VPN mobile client will free up some of the attention required for SCADA, away from your plant’s physical site. Get reports on the go and define your setpoints on the fly

Simply drag the VPN certificate into the configuration box, point the SCADADroid® to where on the internet the VPN server lies, and then click on the enable button. It’s that simple. The SCADADroid® will then establish a connection, ready for remote communications
With SCADADroid®, you can set up your own VPN network, which will require you to procure an open VPN server – or let us handle it via Reonix’s VPN hosted solutions

Either way, we can help you get going

Once the .ovpn feature is configured, and L2TP is set up on a mobile client, you may log into the unit – and continue setting up for VPN administration from a mobile smart device, or personal computer at a remote location, as desired

Download the VPN SCADADroid® datasheet as a PDF